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Brite Labs Social Event 4-7PM

Our Story

In 2014, we founded BRITE Labs in Oakland, CA to pioneer whole plant cannabis concentrates using our proprietary CO2 extraction process to legally offer our patients and partners a full spectrum oil that is closest to flower, to explore the wellness potential of cannabis & CBD products, and to promote good feelings for all. Today, we are proud to continue our mission.


When it comes to cannabis & CBD concentrates, we believe that purity matters. This is why we specialize in crafting strain-specific, full spectrum extracts in small batches with care to retain only the natural THC, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes found in the raw plant material, and nothing else. We believe our process results in a more aromatic product that honors the cannabis plant’s diversity, and allows for a more positive habitual experience.


Over the years, we’ve followed the harvest cycles and developed close working relationships with select cultivar partners in Northern California who share our philosophy. Their skillful and careful handling of source plants results in the highest quality flower and trim found anywhere in the world, which we then purchase and use to produce our full spectrum oils & distillate, and provide to our customers. In the process, we’ve nurtured a community of like minded souls, from plant to patient.


We kindly invite you to try our products by visiting one of our dispensary partners, and/or contact us to let us know how we can help guide you to enjoying the benefits of full spectrum cannabis and CBD extracts.

Brite Labs will join us offering a Buy A Pod, Get A Pax + Engraving for $1